Workshops - The Oily Story
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All Free (super cool right?) Learning Workshops



Please note: All in-person classes have been suspended at this time.

Your time is super valuable and we get that. These 30-45 minute classes give you information you can use right away and will simplify your life! It’s all about sharing our stories about how and why we use oils every day. (spoiler alert – they’re life changing)

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DIY skin care

Get your skin summer ready mama!

Your skin needs love. We’ll be sharing our best daily habits for oily, combination, normal and dry skin that are $1 a day – we spend more than that on lattes and shoes. You’ll want to have a notebook handy because we’ve got a lot of tips and DIY recipes to give you.

Save your money and your skin. Get into this class!!!

Get in the class!

loyalty program

Natural doesn’t need to be expensive – I can prove it and save your family $584 a year

If you hate getting free stuff, keep scrolling. Or, you might be like me. You love a deal. Do you love getting stuff for free just for shopping somewhere? ME TOO! Essential Rewards is by far the best deal out there, trust me I’ve done the math. Last year we got 38% of what we spent back in free stuff. You need to get into this class for your wallet, your family, and your health.

We can show you how to do it too… Grab your seat for this class.

Get in the class!

Balancing your chakras

We’re going to look at the energy system of the body and talk about it’s impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. We’ll discover the signs to look for when you’re out of balance, and the easy ways to get you back in alignment. Om.

Get in the class!

4 ways to boost your mental focus and get things done

Mental fatigue hits us all, even kids. We’re distracted, we keep going in circles, we’ve got notifications going off every other minute. Learn how to get your brain off that hamster wheel and finally get things checked off your to-do list.

Get in the class!

Behind the scenes of an oily family

Get ready for this information packed class. Sharing our stories is the main focus of this Everyday Oils class. How we get our kids to rest well, how we get relieve eczema, how we care for cuts, scrapes, burns, headaches, coughs, colds, and the list goes on. We are demystifying oils and answering all your questions of why we use oils everyday and why you may want to make a change for your family too.

Get in the class!

Hey girl, listen up! We’re talking about women’s health

We’re sharing all of our secrets on how we support our unique and amazing bodies. Some of these you will not believe and wonder where they’ve been all this time! Lots of women’s health issues are being caused by stress, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and other things you need to know about. We’re telling you how these oils changed our lives, and the lives of our families.

Get in the class!

Bow chicka bow bow – yup, we’re going there.  

Get ready to spice it up between the sheets. Lots of secrets for guys and gals. Whether you have a partner or you’d like to explore what oils are like solo, either way you’ll learn a lot in this class.

Get in the class!

be my own boss entrepreneur freedom

If it was too good to be true, we wouldn’t be living it.

What would earning an extra $100 a month do for you? What about $300, $500, or more? If you’ve ever had an inkling of “wow, that’d be nice” then you owe it to yourself to take a look. We’re sharing our stories of how fun this is! We’ve got a 90 day plan step-by-step plan to help you Rise.

Get in the class!

The 6 secrets other supplement companies don’t want you to know

How the ingredients of your supplements are sourced and processed is super important. Inside this class you’ll hear about every day supplements and others that are for targeted health, the Seed to Seal process, and how we feel after using them.

Get in the class!

Girl, you don’t have to live on an emotional roller coaster. 

The science behind why essential oils help with emotions is irrefutable. We now know why, how, and where the oils work within the brain to make us feel better, emotionally. This class will have some incredible stories of ways to use the oils for you, your family, especially your children. This class is not to be missed.

Get in the class!

Taking care of our little ones, naturally

They get colds, coughs, tummy aches, and it breaks our hearts to see our little ones not feeling well. Supporting their immune system and keeping them healthy or getting them back feeling amazing and energetic is our primary concern. We’re sharing our best mom tricks and hacks to show you how easy it is to love our kids, naturally.

Get in the class!

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

Don’t mean to scare you but did you know that 90% of cancers are not genetic? Yup, this means that what we choose to have in our environment is contributing to our health or contributing to what’s making us sick. Learn what the dangers are and how to detox your home and use products that are just as effective (yes we have proof), AND how you’ll be saving money too. Our family saved $584.32 in our first year of switching to Young Living. Uh huh. It’s awesome.

Get in the class!

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