Work with us - The Oily Story
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If you asked me in December 2015 if my life would look like this I would have told you you were crazy.


Today I don’t have a boss, unless you count the three really short people that live here.


I don’t have a schedule, unless you count the grumbling bellies of the short people that live here.


I don’t have a commute, unless you count… wait, no seriously. I don’t have a commute and those short people have nothing to do with it.


Want to know how I spend my day? At home with those short people, then the really tall guy comes in after work and we play house.


For real though, my life is blessed and that’s because in January 2016 someone told me about Young Living Essential Oils and the business side of this company has changed my life.


One thing that consistently makes it into my exercise of daily gratitude is this company. Without it I would still have mommy-guilt, an emptier bank account, far less friends, and no community that feels like home.


The money I earn with Young Living exceeds what I would be making if I had to go back out into a corporate job, put our children in daycare, spend the money on the clothes and vehicles to get to andĀ from work. The biggest cost to me was the time away from them.


So when I first saw this income disclosure statement, naturally I was like “Oh yes, I’d like that with a big side of fries please and thank you!”

Everyone’s goal is different. Some people want to get their oils paid for, and others want to replace their income entirely.


It’s up to you. This is your path, you get to define it.


We’re here to guide you along the way, whatever your goal is. Our mission, like Young Living, is to get every home on the planet using essential oils.


But we can’t do it alone.


It takes a community of people who are there for one another, a team that helps each other learn, expand, and find their passion so they can build their dream.


Our team is fuelled by laughter, growth, and oils. If this wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it. Eventually we’ll be posting our funny photos and blooper reel so stay tuned!


There are no prerequisites for this opportunity, just a willingness to try. Are you ready?


If you want to reach out and ask some questions, connect with me and fill out this form and I’ll give you a call or send you an email and we will get all your questions answered.


If you think that this could be for you and want to start with a conversation, reach out to me by filling out this form and we’ll connect. Or, if you wanted to jump right in you could get your membership here, get your Premium Starter Kit and you’ll be hearing from us within the next day and we’ll send you our amazing Getting Started Package! And, if this isn’t a fit for you, that’s totally cool. Most people (90%) only jump in to use the products for their family and that is very awesome too.


With gratitude,

Eileen xo