Wholesale - The Oily Story
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Did you know that once you become a Young Living member, you pay what we pay?!  Yes that’s right – it’s that simple!!


That means you save 24% on every YL product you buy!!!


Here is the best part – you’re not actually spending anything more than you’re spending now. You switch to non-toxic products that are better for your family and your wallet.


Take a look at your all-purpose cleaner. It costs about $3-4 right? What if you could get a non-toxic version that is as effective and costs you $1.80 a bottle. Would you switch? And how about your glass cleaner? Would $0.90 be ok to pay per bottle?


Eileen’s family saved $584.32 in their first 12 months of switching to essential oils and Young Living products. If you want to see the math, reach out to us and she’ll break it down for you. Saving money was important to her family but wellness always came first. Once she experienced the quality, knew all of the ingredients in the products and could pronounce them, there was no turning back. Then, after she did all the calculations there was no way she would ever be spending another dime on the box box store stuff. Today her family has more health and abundance than before they started with Young Living.


With Young Living, there is no membership fee so you will never have to worry about buying enough to “get your money’s worth”. Work with us for 90 days and we’ll prove it.


Get your own free membership now!