Who Referred You? - The Oily Story
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Who shared The Oily Story with you?


The Oily Story community is made up of a wonderfully supportive group of individuals who are passionate about living a natural lifestyle and we want to ensure that each member is rewarded for sharing the importance of living in Wellness. Before we take you to the registration process, please choose from the below list who cared enough to tell you about us! Click here if you found us online and if no names or faces look familiar to you. Then, once you’ve got your Wholesale Membership we’ll ship you your Goodie Bag!

Eileen MacDonell

Daring and ready to take on anything (except skydiving and changing a diaper with one hand) Eileen is a wellness advocate, mom of three beautiful and very busy children, and is madly in love with her best friend.

In 2016 after finding Young Living Essential Oils her husband had to take a wee bit of a back seat to her new love. With the passion to make everyone oily she has retired her coaching business to inspire other moms to make the jump into health and wellness for their families.

Living a day at a time, she lives where her feet are with a quiet mind and happy heart.

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Katerine Derome

As a mom to preemie twins and a kindergarten teacher, Katerine wanted to be as equipped as possible to help her family stay healthy. Power, is exactly what these oils gave her.

Since 2016, she has been swapping out everyday cleaning products, supplements, and beauty care for Young Living’s natural and non-toxic products. Today, Katerine wishes she knew about essential oils sooner which is why she has made it her mission to share her story with every family about the wellness these oils have brought to her and her loved ones.

“After all”, she says, “aren’t we worth it?”

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Shawna Mills

DIY queen, pet-loving and natural-wellness-mama is always finding allthenaturalthings for her step-daughter Scarlett and their family. She’s always on an adventure with her loves and never leaves the house without Pan-Away, Joy and RC. Follow her story on Instagram @m._.essentials

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Veronica Abarca

Veronica Abarca

A caring, loving, kind and giving single mom of 4 amazing children, two of which are autistic twins, she strives to find the best support she can for herself and her family.

In 2013 her chiropractor suggested she use Young Living essential oils along with regular chiropractic care for her children and herself to help them with overcoming the daily stresses of school and work schedules and doctor’s appointments. Within a short time she noticed a change – her children felt happier, and everyone was getting a better nights sleep!

As a compassionate spirit who wants to help the world, she’s made it her mission to share this amazing experience in how Young Living Essential Oils has changed her and her children’s life for the better.

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Daksha Manek

Blessings from Daksha, a lover of flowers, photography and baking! My health and wellness journey started ages ago when I discovered oils for healing chronic pain. I have been with Young Living for 2 years and have incorporated essential oils and many wellness products into my daily routine. Come join my team to enjoy the oils with me!

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Malinda Zervakos

A rare auto-inflammatory disease, diagnosed almost too late, Malinda retired from nursing and was in search for answers to help her and her son. This mom of two loves DIYs, especially making things that can help people, and sharing this lifestyle with them in hopes that they see the huge world essential oils can open up to them.

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Melissa Ladouceur

A mom of two and stay at home mom, Melissa has fallen in love with the oils for #allthethings. She’s dedicated to sharing these oils with anyone who will listen because they’ve changed her world and the lives of her family. If you asked her, her favourite product is Thieves, her obsession is NingXia Red, and if she was on a desert island the first oil she’d grab is Valor.

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Melissa Sanders

Being a mom of 2 very busy and active girls, as well as a teacher to very hormonal teenagers, Melissa never leaves the house without her favorite essential oils. From drop offs at school and daycare, to keeping her students calm and focused, she manages to keep her cool thanks to world’s best therapeutic oils.

She is always trying new recipes, and making the switch to a healthier household. She loves meeting new people and teaching them all about how Young Living has changed her life.

Her wittiness, as well as her kind and generous personality, make Melissa someone you want to have on your team and as a friend.

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Serina Dube

Serina Dubé

A Native down-to-earth mother of two beautiful children, was introduced in April 2017 to the wonderful oily life. Using her creativity in making her own body care recipes really helps her save money and time as knowing the ingredients that compose the products are important to her!

Bringing her closer to her roots with these Young Living plant-base products, nothing but awesomeness has been experienced! She now lives a guilt free mind with her family by using these essential oils! Best decision ever! She dares you to try and see for yourself!

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