Cheers to essential oils! - The Oily Story
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Cheers to essential oils!

`There is nothing better than sitting down after a long day with a refreshing drink, especially if it’s infused with your favorite essential oils.

Once you start adding Young Living’s + essential oils to your everyday drinks, you will never want to go back! OF COURSE – always remember that moderation is key! You only need 1 or 2 drops to get the amazing taste and benefits.

Here are our absolute favorite ways to get our oil and drink fix!! … consider the environment and always use paper, glass or steel straws especially with essential oils.

Fresh Water infused with essential oils

In a large glass bottle combine:

Fresh cold water
1-2 drops of Orange+, Lemon+ or Lime+
Add ice (optional)

Mix well and enjoy!

Essential Oil Sangria

In a glass jug, combine:

Sparkling water
Red or white wine (or a non-alcoholic substitute)
1 drop Orange+
1 drop Lime+
1 drop Lemon+
Sliced fruit
2 cups of ice cubes

Mix well and enjoy!

Essential oil infused sangria
Ningxia Red Lemonade

NingXia Red Lemonade

In a glass jug, combine:

1/3 bottle of NingXia Red
6 freshly squeezed lemons or
1/3 quart of lemonade
1/3 fresh water.

Mix well and enjoy!