Thieves® - The Oily Story
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There is an endless number of ways the Thieves® blend can be used to enhance our overall wellness. This is why Young Living created an entire All Natural Household Cleaning line using Thieves® essential oil blend. I can’t live without it. Here’s why…


Must-know Fun Facts about Thieves® essential oil:


  • Thieves® essential oil blend is based on the legend of 14th century thieves who used clove, rosemary, and other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims.
  • It is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary.
  • This blend is proprietary to Young Living
  • Delivers naturally derived constituents limonene, eugenol and eucalyptol.
  • Relieves symptoms of cough or cold
  • Creates a warm grounding aroma when diffused
  • Supports overall wellness and a healthy immune system


How to use Thieves® Essential Oil as a part of your every day wellness:


  1. Rub 1 drop onto bottoms of your feet before heading out the door.
  2. Add 2 drops to mop water for extra cleaning power.
  3. Make your own Deep Cleansing Paste with baking soda, Thieves® Household Cleaner and 2 drops of Thieves® oil.
  4. Remove musty carpet smells by adding 5 drops of Thieves® oil to 1 cup of baking soda, combine well and let sit overnight. Sprinkle over carpets and then vacuum.
  5. Combine 4 drops of Thieves® with water in a spray and use as an air freshener giving a nice spicy scent.
  6. Clean your dishwasher by running an empty load with 2 drops Thieves® and white vinegar in the soap dispenser.
  7. Scrub sink with a few drops Thieves® to dispel any odors.
  8. Diffuse 4-5 drops Thieves to help relieve cough and cold in the household.




  • Thieves® blend is a “hot oil” and can cause a hot/warming sensation when applied on skin. It is recommended that the oil be diluted with a carrier oil before applying directly on skin. Refer to our Essential Oils Safety section.