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Why use essential oils?


These oils can help cure mommy-guilt by removing toxins from your family and your home, and save you money. Using essential oils has never been easier. At first glance they can seem overwhelming because there’s a big wide world of them out there, but with The Oily Story Community you’ll see how simple they really are.


Take a look at The Oily Blog for our easy peasy DIY’s to see how you can support your family’s wellness. There’s lots of inspiration and how-to information there to help you along the way.

15 Minutes of Change

When do we use them?


All. The. Time. For headaches, coughs, colds, pain, stressed out and need to get the kids to sleep, to unplug and relax, during meditation. There are so many opportunities every day. Our families reach for the oils first.


Children love using the oils. Letting them choose the oil that’s speaking to them in the moment empowers their choices – instinctively they always grab the one they need.

Stress Away & Essential Oils

Who are these oils good for?


Everybody! If you have a body, you can use these oils!


You’ll want to check out our safety page for the dilution rates and special considerations.

What do we do with them?


Use them topically and aromatically. 


Topically: Apply the oils to your body where needed, and if it’s recommended, you can use the oils with a carrier oil – coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba, you get the idea. Follow the instructions on the bottle for proper dilution rate. We’ve got them on our safety page too.


Aromatically: You can put a drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and cup your hands over your mouth and nose. Breathe in deeply. The oils activate the limbic system which is responsible for memory and emotions. Stressed? Grab a drop of Stress Away and bam-o, you’re feeling better. Also, you can use one of Young Living’s gorgeous diffusers. They are made with medical grade plastic which means you can safely diffuse citrus oils.


Another way we use them is in Young Living’s full line of Thieves! All-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, toothpaste, fruit and veggie spray. These have changed lives. These have natural surfactants and are infused with essential oils. A clean house without the toxic ingredients! BONUS – the kids help clean, safely!

Where do we get them?


The source of essential oils means everything.


Would you rather buy your apple from:


  • An apple broker who couldn’t tell you where the apple was grown, how the apple was cared for, and couldn’t bring you to see the tree it came from?


  • From the guy who grew the apple and laid out a red carpet for you to come hug the tree your apple came from. And, you would even see that the fields around the tree still had weeds because this guy never sprayed all of those chemicals on the fields.


Yeah, us too.


That’s why we will never use any other essential oil on our children and ourselves except Young Living Essential Oils.


Young Living is the only company that owns their own farms, has partner farms, and a strict Seed to Seal Standard in testing every single batch of oils that they produce.  But guess what?  We are also extremely conscious about price and value.  Because of Young Living’s Seed to Seal standards, which we have personally observed at the farm in Utah, we are absolutely certain without ANY doubt that you are getting the best quality and most affordable and complete starter kit.


Each oil is tested 15 to 20 times – in triplicate.


Best part is, you can visit any one of the farms to see the process for yourself. Now that’s integrity.


And now for the 6th W… the How! It has a double-u. I’m going with it.

 How do you get your hands on these oils?


Most people start with the Premium Starter Kit because it’s the best value out there. You’ll get 11 of our most practical oils, a diffuser, Ningxia Red packets (put those in the fridge when you get them), and more goodies. Consider it your first Wellness Box.


Here’s a list of what we don’t use this Wellness Box for:

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  9. … truly, you can use it for darn near everything.


When you join The Oily Story Community you’ll get a special welcome package stocked with oily goodness and you’ll be invited to our members-only Facebook groups and educational events.


By far, the best deal is to become a wholesale member. That means all you have to do is spend $65 in one year, and you get 24% off everything, every day.  It’s like Costco! There are NO monthly minimums or fees and if you are on the Essential Rewards program (monthly auto-ship), you get to collect points to redeem for freebies later


And when you sign up with The Oily Story Team, you’ll get personal support – by phone, email, text and through our members-only Facebook groups – and a surprise package of goodies that will get quickly get you started on this amazing (and super simple) journey!