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Who shared The Oily Story with you?

Before you get started, check out the amazing faces below and choose the one who shared this with you! Click here if you found us online and if no names or faces look familiar to you. Then, once you’ve got you’re set up we’ll ship you your Goodie Bag!

Eileen MacDonell

Total skeptic turned convert.

I think the big epiphany happened for me when my daughter started sleeping soo much better. Just from learning everything about natural wellness and getting these oils into our day to day life, everything shifted. We were happier. Calmer. Felt better. It’s been four years and life is good with these oils.

Being a mom of three, I need things to be easy, and these oils made my life so much less complicated. They taught me that I could actually trust a company when they said they’re the best on the planet. I kept waiting for the results to not be there, waiting for the other shoe to drop. So, I gave up waiting.

I can’t wait for you to get your oily story started!

Marina French

Hello and welcome.
My name is Marina and I’m so happy you are here! I’m a mum of two from Toowoomba, a regional little town and the flower city on the east coast of Australia. Ever since our first son was born I’ve been on a mission to find non toxic alternatives to our everyday products. I came upon an article that showed some research of baby’s umbilical cord blood and the statistics were shocking! It prompted me to have a look at what we were using and what these things might be causing. I was so disappointed to find out that even companies claiming to be natural or organic still had these shockingly harmful ingredients in their products. Fast forward to February 2020 and I was looking for a Body Butter I could safely use on my boys and myself and that was non toxic. This is when I stumbled upon Young Living. By happenstance I got an answer to my post on a mums forum. The mum that answers seemed so kind and genuine and we soon started talking about our shared path to wellness for our families. I soon realized that this the real deal. The products are truly toxin free and are actually amazing. Then I started to hear the stories of how Young Living was impacting lives around the world. I could see it transforming the wellness of my own family and I just had to start sharing.
And this is what’s at the heart of The Oily Story… To share, to uplift one another, to be a tribe of real and authentic families and to change the world for the better.
So come along and be part of our tribe…
xx Marina

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Malinda Zervakos

Hi! I’m Malinda. I’m a busy working mom of 2. As a retired RN, helping people to be well has been a life long passion of mine. That life long passion sent me on a quest to help my own family’s health as my son and I have a rare disorder and a compromised immune system. We were looking for a more natural way that would help to keep us above the wellness line. Natural and modern medicine is an amazing combination.

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Serina Dube

Serina Dubé

Hi I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children – an 11 year old, a toddler, and a newborn. When I first came across natural alternatives, I was pregnant with my second child. I was looking for something real, something my whole family could benefit from. I had never really imagined that these oils could make such a difference by using them daily. Once they became part of my life, I saw a change in my kids’ attitude, my emotions, my life in general shifted.

I have to say that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever done to take the wellness leap and never look back. When a company is this transparent, and you share the same values, its easy to trust them and share with the people around you. I honestly wish everyone could try and see with their own eyes what it’s done to my family and I. What a gift.

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