Northern Lights Black Spruce - The Oily Story
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Northern Lights Black Spruce (NLBS) stands alone in my book.  It makes perfect sense that we get an instant boost of courage when we inhale this oil.   Here’s why…


Northern Lights Black Spruce

Must-know Fun Facts about NLBS essential oil:


  • A resilient oil grown under the magical northern lights and harsh climate of northern British Columbia, Canada.
  • Distilled from the entire tree, not just the branches and needles.
  • Composed of naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene, camphene and beta-pinene.
  • Help maintain appearance of healthy looking skin


How to use NLBS Essential Oil as a part of your every day wellness:


  1. Add a few drops to oil during massage.
  2. Rub a drop or 2 under the feet before leaving the house to give a boost of resilience and courage in your day.
  3. Diffuse 5 drops of NLBS for a grounding and calming environment during meditation.
  4. Add 1 drop to your all natural facial toner for even skin.
  5. Combine a bit of coconut oil with 2-3 drops of NLBS and give yourself a soothing foot rub.