Healthy & Fit - The Oily Story
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Healthy & Fit

Having a heathy lifestyle begins with one decision… to do something, even just one thing, differently. Taking the stairs, skipping the chips, taking a deep breath and being in the moment.


Supplements are often a huge (and necessary) part of that too. Enzymes we need to help break down food so we absorb more nutrition, a natural multivitamin to support our overall health, and some that even help relieve the symptoms of things like osteoarthritis. Sometimes we don’t understand the role supplements can play and how much we should turn to them as one of those first decisions towards wellness.


Learn more about them by jumping onto our next Supplements class.

What are phytonutrients and why are they important for us and our family?


Phytonutrients are found in plants. They protect the plant from radiation, pests, pollution and toxins. They are vital to maintain the health of the plant. We are exposed to the same type of things and the best way for us to consume phytonutrients is through food, not supplements. This super blend of NingXia wolfberry puree combined with other super fruits and essential oils makes it a phytonutrient powerhouse.


Drinking it daily has been a part of our wellness lifestyle, even the kids love it!