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Ann-Mary Caetano

Ann-Mary Caetano, Certified Holistic Health and Life Purpose Coach & Wholefoods Chef, Owner and Founder of Ann-Mary Caetano Wellness. 


After being diagnosed with Hashimoto hypothyroid in 2012 (autoimmune condition), Mary became a Certified Health Coach, which not only saved her life but changed her forever. She now inspires others to take charge of their health and happiness by changing their lifestyle and diet, focusing on Gut health, auto-immune conditions, and natural healing & prevention.


She spends a lot of time in the kitchen creating new recipes, teaching cooking classes, co-hosting Wellness & Healing Retreats, reading and learning, inspiring others through her own healing experience, and empowering and supporting people who want to fulfill their dreams, create a life filled with happiness, and reach their full potential.


Visit her at Ann-Mary Caetano Wellness

Julie Anne Christoph

Julie Anne Christoph has the kind of rare magic that makes you feel instantly at ease.


Her first big entrepreneurial success putting her love of consciousness into action was as a Franchisee for Curves International, where her member participation soared to 880+ people. Her success catapulted her through the ranks to become Area Director for the Province of Quebec, in less than two years.


After the birth of her two beautiful children, Julie Anne followed her intuition and studied coaching where she subsequently purchased the license for the world’s No.1 ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (iPEC) in North America. Over her 5 years as the Canadian School Director, she trained over four hundred individuals to become certified coaches in the iPEC program, which is based on consciousness and energy.


Julie Anne is a true change catalyst in every sense of the word. She loves nothing more than sharing her message of conscious living as a spiritual coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and bestselling author. Throughout her journey, it became obvious to Julie Anne that humanity is evolving into new ways of Being and she wanted to be part of the change.


She contributes to Humanities’ evolution by helping individuals step into the truth and power of whom they truly are at the core by align their Humanness with their Being-ness (soul) so they can live the life they are destined to live. Julie Anne founded Change Revolution™, as a bridge to new ways of being.


Visit her at Change Revolution™

Winnie Greer

When she looks back at the various stages in her life, becoming an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field was inevitable for Winnie. It’s the path she was meant to follow.


After being let go from the corporate world in 2013 (Yay!) Winnie is now a registered massage therapist focusing on her clients overall wellbeing. She uses various techniques to help the client relax and unwind, as well as to educate them on how to properly stretch and care for their bodies. Plus as a budding aromatherapist, Winnie has begun to incorporate the essential oils into her sessions to prolong the effect of the therapeutic massage.


Long a believer in the use of natural products, Winnie includes the oils in her daily personal life for all aspects of her and her family’s health. Her passion for healthy living as well as her love of serving and educating people, gardening, learning, sports, motorbiking, reading, arts and animal welfare, makes her a well-rounded, fun-loving, and devoted person to her family, friends and clients. And she feels she is only just getting started!

Nathalie Mailhot pic 2

Nathalie Mailhot

Nathalie joined the ranks of business owner in 2014 as the owner of Master your Authentic Voice. As a speaking and presentation coach she wanted her clients to tap into their authentic selves when they speak and cease ‘every speaking opportunity’. She helps them communicate with ease and lightens the process with humour and fun!


In the spring of 2016 she launched Teen Talk – a speaking and empowerment program for youth. She recognized the need for our youth to find their voices and learn to better communicate. She works in high schools, does workshops and coaches student athletes, helping them answer interview questions with confidence!


Her goal is to help Teens (and parents!) see the lighter side of speaking. With tips, tricks and skills they can make every presentation they do easy and fun!


Tammy Rowland

Tammy Rowland has been in the people business for most of her life. Eighteen years in direct sales where Tammy learned then taught; time management, leadership, recruiting and mentoring to mention a few. Life added numerous skills that help her coaching clients.


Tammy has been self-employed and an entrepreneur for over three decades, after 10 years in leadership and as a manager in the food service industry. Her creativity means being full of ideas, which then create systems that work. This is second nature to Tammy, as the second eldest and eldest daughter of 6 children and a parent of two adult sons.


These talents have only focused Tammy in her ability to ask the tough questions needed to support her clients in communication, decision-making and clarifying the issues that may be keeping them from success.


When we are in partnership with someone who believes in us, all things are possible. We can change the world, together.


Visit her at Tammy Rowland

Tracy Jenks Wilson

Tracy Jenks Wilson is a Sex and Intimacy Life Coach, and Certified Sex Coach in Eastern Ontario, also holding a BSc from the University of Victoria. Tracy uses the talk-only coaching process (no hands on, no hands in) to work with individuals and couples regarding their sexual concerns, in a sex-positive manner.


Oftentimes clients will feel broken, or feel they are “weird”, or have lost themselves, and need that safe container to explore and express. Many times there are concerns such as lowered desire, poor body image, lack of orgasm, erectile dysfunction, or a desire to more PASSION, and heightened pleasure, or bringing back that self they seem to have lost after childbirth, or just through life’s changes, that lead folks her way.


With many years in the sensual products industry, having worked with hundreds of clients confidentially, Tracy is a warm smiling face, with a big sense of humour, and someone to make you feel comfortable, unbroken, sexy and confident.

Babulic (2)

Linda Babulic

A successful Personal Business Strategist, Community Builder and Researcher, and Amazon #1 best selling author of ZEST Your Life – A Taste of Inner Wisdom; Linda works with women seeking change in business, life and health.


She offers professional support to clients through powerful guidance, one-on-one coaching and group workshop facilitation. Linda’s proven ZEST programs promote and serves women seeking greater meaning, deeper understanding and fulfillment in their lives.


Her wisdom, knowledge and experience have helped women in various stages of their lives find the confidence, clarity and courage they need to bring change into their lives.


Visit her at Linda Babulic