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Fit woman taking the stairs.

New Year, New You: Achieving your New Year Resolutions like a Boss!

Did you achieve all of your 2017 New Year Resolutions? I bet you didn’t because research shows that only 8% of people actually do!

What’s their secret? And what do you need to do to be just like them and reach all the goals you establish for yourself? Here are 6 easy steps you can follow and make 2018 the best year ever!

  1. Know your WHY

Why do you want to achieve a specific goal? Is this goal exciting and ignites your passion? There has to be a higher motivation that will drive you toward success, ensuring you don’t give up when it gets tough.

  1. Be specific

You want to get in shape? But what does that really mean to you? Is it losing a couple pounds or reducing fat percentage? Is it running a 5K or being more flexible? Is it eating a plant-based diet or cutting out sugar from your diet?

Whatever it is, make sure you are as detailed and specific as possible, using the SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). Here is an example: By June 2018, I want to lose 10 pounds by going to the gym 3 times per week and adopting a plant-based diet. This will make it easy for you to keep track and measure your success.

  1. Share your goals with your tribe

Your tribe is there to support and cheer you along the way. Get an accountability partner, someone who will check on you daily or weekly. Post your progress, struggles, and experience on Social Media, maybe even find someone who is on the same journey as you and you can motivate each other as you go. It’s easy to break a promise to yourself, but when you’ve got all those people behind you, you won’t want to give up on them!

  1. Be patient and reward yourself for each milestone reached

If you have not exercised for the past 2 years, don’t expect to put on your running shoes and be ready to run the marathon tomorrow! Give yourself time, and be gentle and patient with yourself. Baby steps will get you there, just do it, and be consistent.

Break down your big goal into smaller goals and reward yourself when you reach each milestone.

  1. Schedule it!

We all have 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year! So why are some people capable of getting it all done in that timeframe and others complain there is not enough time?

Make sure you schedule your goals into your daily routine. Put it in your agenda, write it on sticky notes you will place in different spots of the house, schedule an alarm in your iPhone… whatever it takes, make sure you get reminded on a regular basis.

  1. Have fun!

The worst thing you can do is having a goal and not having fun on the way there! Find creative and fun ways to work toward achieving your goals.

Want to lose weight but hate going to the gym? Maybe a walk in Nature could do the trick, or maybe exercise at home using a fitness video game (XBOX, WII, Nintendo), or play basketball with your kids at the local park?

Whatever your goal, be flexible and find ways that are enjoyable, this way you will not give up and will feel motivated to keep going.

Don’t expect perfection! You will make mistakes along the way, it will be tough… but trying is the first step toward success!

Happy New Year!

by Ann-Mary Caetano

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