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Mom and daughter super heroes

Mom + Oils = SuperMom

I confess… I’m a bit of a Super Hero to my husband and kids. They can’t believe everything I can do with a few drops of oils.

Did you know that marjoram is good for scrapes and burns? Or that you can use black pepper for a headache?!

The ease of it all is what made me the most skeptical. I thought, ‘come on, that’s just not possible.’

Oh but it is. It’s time to embrace your inner Super Hero. Here I’m going to give you some of my absolute favourite oil fixes for the most common (and recent) things that happen in our house… and there’s more.

Happy Hair Spray!

My daughter has long hair and she’s in pre-k. I’ll admit that I’m a braiding nightmare so I’m really going to lean on this spray. If you guys have any hairdo tricks, please leave a comment below for all of us hair-challenged moms!

Start with a 2 ounce spray bottle and add 15 drops Tea Tree, 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Eucalyptus Globulus or Purification, fill the rest with water. I only use Young Living Essential Oils because of their guarantee – and I don’t want to mess with unhappy hair – you can order them here.

Shake the bottle before you use it and spray over the hair – don’t worry, it won’t be greasy at all because the essential oils aren’t a fatty oil.

Homework (and mood) Helper! 

Do your kids resist sitting down at the end of the day to do homework too?

When the kids get home we have Lime, Rosemary, and Peppermint diffusing. If we need some extra oomph I’ll use Vetiver on the bottoms of feet and put Stress Away on the back of their neck and wrists.

Orange, Peace & Calming, Lavender, Pine – those are a few more of the oils and blends we use to help us feel calm and focused so we can get grade two math exercises and reading assignments done. Save this link for dilution and usage tips.

Remember, if you’re using oils with citrus in them (grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, orange, lime, tangerine) they’re photosensitive so keep the spot where you applied the oil out of the sun for at least 12 hours.

Taking Care of Cuts and Scrapes

Accidents happen. Scraped knees, chaffed heels of hands after hitting the pavement. We see it all.

Well, this Thanksgiving we saw a trip to the ER.

Our son is a loving and helpful boy, but at 54 pounds he was in over his head when he tried to drag the 20 pound turkey out of the fridge. While the turkey shot his arm towards the floor, his jaw hit the shelf and made one heck of a bo-bo.

As his oily mom, the first thing I thought of was what oil could fix that?!?!

… stitches. The answer was stitches.

To help the healing along I’m using two drops of this blend I made every time we change the bandage. I dab it on neat (not diluted with a carrier oil) with a makeup pad. And once the bandage comes off I’ll use the same blend a few times a day, but will leave out the Tea Tree.

10 drops Helichrysum

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Sacred Frankincense

8 drops Tea Tree

Tip: Which essential oils to use and how to order your essential oils

Good Nights and Things That Don’t Go Bump

Girl sleeping peacefully

As a kid I was petrified of the dark. Genetically it’s something very normal. Think about it, we lived in caves and there were hungry animals outside! Some of us (me) haven’t overcome it yet. While I’m trying not to pass my irrational fears onto our kids, some slip through. What can I say, it is what it is.

If I could help every frightened little one who is afraid of the dark I would give them a spray bottle with Valor in it.

Valor is to fear what a pin is to a balloon. It’s one of Young Living’s proprietary blends. For kicks I tried to substitute it, soooo not the same. Northern Lights Black Spruce comes close but Valor is king.

I fill an 8 ounce spray bottle with water and put in about 15 drops of Valor but in rare cases when we need Bogeyman protection we add a few more drops.

The kids take turns spraying it around their room and feel like super heroes and then sleep like babies. Whether you use it for them, to fight the monsters, or for yourself to give that big speech, or face the new boss, you’re going to use it because it works.

Get your Valor here! …and when you get it, promise me you’ll post #allthevalor 😉

by Eileen MacDonell

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