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Clean makeup brushes

Six good reasons to wash your makeup brushes

Who’s got time to wash their makeup brushes, like really.

After reading this, you’ll be screaming “ME!!! I’VE GOT TIME!”

A study done in 2013 (why haven’t I heard of this sooner) found that the bacteria growth on makeup brushes wasn’t too alarming after one week, the bacteria had doubled at two weeks and at the one month mark there so much bacteria in the makeup brushes that it was too high to be measured.

Anyone else wondering what’s on their face right now?

These are the reasons you need to start washing your brushes and sponges at least once a week.

They’ll Make You Sick. There are a number of bacteria like E.coli, staphylococcus and MRSA hiding in your dirty brushes.

Break-outs. If you don’t regularly clean your brushes you’re spreading dirt and bacteria all over your face with your makeup. And, if your normally smooth complexion is now prone to acne and break-outs, it may be your makeup brushes.

Streaky Makeup. Dirty brushes not only have bacteria all over them but they also have caked on makeup. Your favourite powders won’t go on smooth with a dirty brush. Not only that, but your skin will get irritated from stiff brushes.

Can Save You Money. The cleaner you keep your brushes, the longer they will last.

Avoid Eye Infections. Sharing your brushes that you use for your eye makeup can cause conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Help Prevent Wrinkles. Not cleaning your brushes can expose your skin to oxidative stress from free radicals causing a breakdown of collagen and elastin, which may cause premature aging.

Who knew?! Well now we do, so here’s what you’re going to need to start cleaning them.

What to use:


How to make it:

  • Rinse the excess makeup off your brushes under warm water
  • In a tall glass, fill 1/4 of it with water
  • Add the castile soap and essential oils
  • Put your brushes in one at a time, swirling them in the water
  • Allow them to soak for ten minutes
  • Remove them and rinse them under warm running water until the water runs clear
  • Pat dry with a clean cloth, let them air dry before putting them away


You can also make a daily spray for your brushes. Take a 4oz spray bottle, add 5 drops of Purification™ blend, 3 drops of Grapefruit, 1 drop of Lavender, 1 tbsp of alcohol-free witch hazel, and water. Shake the bottle before you spray and mist onto your brushes after each use.

Remember that weekly cleanings of your brushes are best.

Essential oils that can be used in this recipe as well are:

Thieves™, Tea tree, and Lemon

You can also try Thieves Household Cleaner – instead of the castile soap and oils recipe, substitute that whole recipe with two capfuls of the cleaner and a 1/4 cup of water.

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