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I love you!

Love your way to an empowered you.

It is not easy to look in a mirror some days.

You know the drill; loathe, loathe, loathe some more.

We pick at ourselves, maybe hearing the voices of others telling us we are less, that we are weak because we can’t lose the weight or do the exercise, beating ourselves down.

We have to stop.

To move forward to our greatest selves, we have to first love ourselves today.

When I speak of body image, which is a huge component in sex coaching, I tell the story of the day I realized that I was still looking backward to try and get into a pair of goal jeans…from the 80’s. My goal jeans were acid wash.

Seriously?! I am almost 50 years old, and I was looking back to lose the baby weight I’ve been carrying for more than 25 years, and get to a weight I was when I was younger than my children are today! Insanity. What if I looked forward?

Bizarre concept, I know, but what if we loved ourselves today, and looked forward to our ideal lives and selves?

Isn’t that uplifting?!

As we cut out the pictures from magazines to form that dream board of our ideal lives, living our best life now, and using the Law of Attraction along with other tools, to have that dream house, why not do that with our bodies?

Love yourself today, love yourself tomorrow, and work toward your best self.

That is YOUR best self, and not some picture of someone else. YOUR best version of you, with your lumps and bumps, and scars from life, and stretch marks from creating humans, and loss of body parts or changes to your body from illness or accident. YOU. Love YOU, and move forward toward your dreams.

How can you start to do this? Remember that mirror you hate? Yeah, you’re going to have to go there.

Step 1: Get ready to stand in front of your mirror, preferably a full length mirror. You’re going to reframe what you see, and how you see it. You’re going to strip down and look at yourself. You may cry, and that’s good because it means you’re going where you need to go. You may want to create a sacred loving space for yourself, maybe with candles, maybe diffusing a favourite calming essential oil or blend.

Step 2: Look at all of you, and as you are being mindful and present, let those negative thoughts flow through and away, and start to think positive thoughts; positive thoughts about all of you. What do you see? Work from toe to head, because the face can be extra tough. Say things out loud. “I love my beautiful feet. They carry me through life”, “I love my strong legs”, “My thighs are soft and rippled and beautiful”. Keep working up your body, describing out loud what you love. This is not going to be easy. You can do it! Yes, LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BELLY!

Step 3: Affirm to yourself that you are beautiful, and you have earned your scars, and those scars make up who you are, and that person is AMAZING! You may want to make up some positive affirmations, write them out on Post It notes, or make pretty cards, and stick them all around the mirror, and affirm OUT LOUD when you see them, as you stare at the real you in the mirror.

Some affirmation suggestions:

I love myself now, as I become my best self

My body deserves my love. I deserve my love

I am perfect and loveable just the way I am

I compare me to only me

It is okay to like and love myself

I celebrate ME!

Only in this body, having lived this journey, am I ME, and it’s AWESOME!

Have fun with it! Add spiritual affirmations, religious affirmations, if that suits you.

Do this over and over, daily or at least very often. There may be tequila shots in between, but keep going, and do the work, and head toward loving who you are now, so you can be all you dream for the future.

You’ve got this. You’re beautiful!

Take the I Love Me challenge – send a message to to share how this changed your life, today. 

by Tracy Wilson

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