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Woman making a frame with her fingers, envisioning future.

I promise…

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

What promises have you made to yourself, that have fallen by the wayside by life?

Maybe because;
You were being responsible?
Other beings needs or wishes were more important?
You thought you were doing the right thing?
You were afraid?

You have always had dreams from a very young age. Maybe even some HUGE dreams!

Why not put them right in front of you so you remember what they are and start working towards them.

There are many ways to live your dreams, which include chucking it all in and doing exactly what YOU want, but that isn’t always possible. You only need remember that you have a dream and start doing something about it.

Maybe you won’t sell it all and buy a sailboat for that trip around the world, but there are steps you can take towards your dream. Baby steps are better than not taking any steps and trying to tell yourself it’s not that important. Or that maybe it’s just not for you.

Hang on here! Just wait a minute! You were given a dream for a reason, not to hide it away.

Dreams can morph, but rarely just plain disappear.

You can lie to me but you cannot lie to yourself.

I spoke to a friend years ago who had a life-long dream to do something that he passionately loved. At that moment in time when decisions had to be made in his youth of which path to take, he turned left.

Left has fed his family and provided the education for his children that gave him great pride. His wife has been able to do all the necessary things to keep on top of the family and business.

His right turn would take many years of formal education and this was not realistic given his responsibilities to his family.

He spent years reading and studying on everything about “right”. There are things that are directly related to his right that he loves and has found ways to be involved in them throughout his life. This has been a way to be connected to his “right” dream.

After several decades doing left, now what? Does he quit left and take the time to go back to school to teach right? He would be almost of retirement years by then.

Does he stay the course and play with his right upon retirement? Waiting for time for his right passion? Can he do it part-time while he continues responsibly (in his mind) with left? This would make for a busy life for sure.

He researched getting certification to teach his dream, based on his decades of extensive knowledge learning about it. He found his answer!

He always followed his dream in some way, how about you?

Which road have you taken and where do you go from here?

Can you make a different choice for yourself today, based on what you have learned so far?

What I know is that the promises we make to ourself are as important as breathing. You may not know exactly the next step, yet. You only need promise yourself you will find out what it is and do something, anything towards it!

Make the decision based on today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Your dreams will catch up as long as you keep your eyes on how important they are to you.

by Tammy Rowland

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