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Doing this one thing every day will improve your life.

When I was pregnant with our first child I went into pre-term labour at 26 weeks.

We had just moved back home from being on a nine-week course for my husbands work and I was helping unpack boxes.

I stood at the island in the kitchen feeling, what I thought, were Braxton Hicks contractions. Only they were coming every three minutes. It didn’t take long for us first-time-pregnant parents to call in to the case room and ask what we should do.

“You need to come in,” the nurse told me over the phone.

Panicked, we got into the car and raced the 30-minute drive.

I think I’m going to lose my baby.

This is too soon. Will Wee Mac be ok? We didn’t want to know the gender until delivery so we nicknamed the baby Wee Mac since he/she was the Wee-est MacDonell.

Laying on the gurney they strapped us up to the monitors and sure enough the contractions were still coming, every three minutes. Grabbing the print out the nurse raced to see the doctor. Moments later she came back in with a notepad with a scribbled “squiggly line dash check-mark circle line STAT.”

Thank God, our baby wasn’t born that day. With the help of bed rest and medication every three hours, our baby came into the world four days after the expected due date.

I also believe that it was my peaceful trust in the process, and my daily exercise of gratitude that kept me out of the mindset of fear.

I know it was Oprah that first introduced the idea of the Gratitude Journal to me.

I’m sure I was like “yea right.”

It was probably in the 90’s.

I was definitely full of attitude and none of it was grateful.

Fast forward to about 2008. A friend suggested that writing out a gratitude list would change my life. I’ll admit that I was desperate and in a lot of emotional pain at the time so I would have worn velour pant suits if you told me they would help.

Here were the rules. I needed to write six things I was grateful for and one of them had to be about me.

I started with simple things like “I am grateful for my hair”, and “I am grateful for my friends”.

Then it quickly got real.

I began to notice the days I forgot to do it. When I made my list of six things, I had an amazing day. When I didn’t, my world didn’t crash but I could tell I wasn’t as happy.

The action of the gratitude list didn’t erase life’s shitty things, but it did help me to deal with those things a whole lot better.

You know what I mean right? The reactionary, victim-mentality, accepting of mediocrity, self-sabotage kinds of behaviour?

This is seriously a presto-change-o exercise. It truly does transform, almost overnight.

I don’t know exactly when gratitude became my normal. It kinda just happened. Today we ask our children what they’re grateful for and have conversations about it around our supper table.

These are a few of the things on my gratitude list while I was on bed rest with Wee Mac.

I am grateful for my understanding, acceptance, and willingness to do the next right thing and let the rest go. I live in faith today.

I am grateful for my acceptance of being in the moment and knowing that while I may be uncomfortable today, this too shall pass.

I am grateful that with God and my husbands help I have been able to keep Wee Mac safe and warm for a while longer. We are 31 weeks pregnant and Wee Mac’s chances of being born healthy and wonderful are getting stronger and stronger.

I am grateful for my friends. I couldn’t ask to be any more blessed.

Today, I am grateful for that friend who challenged me to live in gratitude despite the fact that I unconsciously spat venom and felt the world owed me something.

…but mostly, I am grateful for our son.

Essential Oils that support gratitude: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Harmony, Humility

Apply any one of these oils throughout the day for a deeper connectedness and recognition of what you can be grateful for in your world today.


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