Because you'll have to button up your jeans eventually. - The Oily Story
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Digize works for tummy upset.

Because you’ll have to button up your jeans eventually.

Remember the last time you ate too much and were really glad you were wearing the stretchy pants? I know you do, the holidays just ended! Yay, stuffing and potatoes and turkey!

For me the worst time was Superbowl 2017. My older son (whom I have nicknamed “omg stop eating”) went to a friend’s house and it was just my youngest (the one who eats like a bird) and me and all this greasy, crappy food I made, rather, heated up in the oven. Well, I am a responsible adult who feels guilty about the starving kids in Africa so I made sure it was all eaten. Bad move.

Worst tummy pain EVER (other than childbirth). I was nauseous, bloated, in pain and feeling all around like a beached whale. My team was losing and I figured I should just turn it off and curl up in the fetal position and wait to die.

But (cue superhero music), I had essential oils!

I had ‎DIGIZE!

I had heard good things about this blend for all things tummy related, but had not yet had the chance to try it so I put 2 drops on my belly and waited for Gaga to finish her awesome show.

20 minutes later, I was no longer curled up on the floor, moaning, much to my young son’s delight. The nausea was gone, the pain was gone and I could do my jeans, yes my jeans, up all the way, even the button.

My team went on to the biggest comeback in NFL history and win the game! I came back from the worst tummyaches in Clo’s history to cheer them on.

Digize is an amazing oil for anything tummy related. It helps my son, the eat- like-a bird-kid, with his digestive problems and he has plenty of them. He hates it when I am right.

I have to say, my favorite oil quickly became this one! Try it once, use it for life.

With its blend of tarragon, juniper, anise, ginger, fennel, patchouli, peppermint, and lemongrass, Digize is definitely a go to blend for any type of digestive discomfort.

Simply put 2-3 drops on your belly when you start to feel bloated or uncomfortable and let the carminative and antispasmodic properties do the trick to have you feeling better in no time.

by Claudine Lascelle

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