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Try this one easy tip to stop crying when you’re cutting onions.

I dread cutting onions because it makes my mascara run, I can barely see what I’m doing, and the burning sensation in my eyes does absolutely nothing for me. Thank God my husband is the onion chopper in this house.

Now, I’m not a science gal but when I saw a tip online about how to stop tearing up (read: ugly cry) when you’re cutting onions I had to do some research.

Here’s why your eyes tear up when you’re cutting an onion: a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide is released when you cut, peel, or crush it. That reaction causes your eyes to protect themselves from that chemical irritant and poof, you tear.

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So naturally, yesterday when I was making spaghetti sauce I remembered that tip! I took the top off my bottle of Thieves® (that’s the tip), and put it on the cutting board beside the onions. Started chopping and nothing happened. No tears. Not even that tiny feeling of my eyes burning. Nothing.

Wow. I know it’s just a little thing but seriously, this was a big win for me because hubby isn’t always home to come to the rescue.

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