Magic is in the vision - The Oily Story
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Magic is in the vision

Long story but it does have a point… if you get to the end, you deserve a cookie.

When we were looking at where to go on vacation it wasn’t even a discussion. Disney.

We were there five years ago and everything was perfect so naturally my husband and I were like “yup, this is what we’re doing,” so we booked it.

Then we wanted to do a Disney reveal for the kids. It was intense. We planned this whole scavenger hunt over a whole day that included 4 wheeler rides through our forest, dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant, longitude and latitude coordinates, a cryptex (ever seen National Treasure?). We went over the top. Why? Cuz its Disney.

When we left we knew we were in for the trip of a lifetime. Playing in the parks, character dining, the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade, and the big event at the Bippity Boppity Boutique before dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Naturally, Disney didn’t disappoint. It never does. We got on our Magical Express that took us to our resort, our luggage was delivered right to our room, our magic bands opened every door and paid for everything we needed.

Everywhere you look the details are amazing. The way they theme the whole resort. That genius spills all over the parks too! When you’re walking around Fantasyland it’s all fairies and whimsy. Everything looks like it was picked right out of Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh. The buildings are painted perfectly, everything is manicured, the decorations are breathtaking. You seriously wander around with something to look at around every corner. Not one spot is left vacant of beauty.

The detail is spectacular. And then, you have the people who work there. Everyone is happy. Everyone. Even the people who are constantly sweeping the bathrooms. We were there 12 days and never saw one empty toilet paper roll and with five people, we were in there a lot!

Everything is clean. Nothing is dusty. Not one ride, not one seat.

The attention they pay to detail is where their excellence lives.

I mean, I have never done a huge reveal to go to our local amusement park. It’s filthy, people are angry, and things are just clean enough to use.

There is no magic.

You want magic, right? You want the experience of the man who pioneered it, who dreamed of it before all the other posers came along. The one with the passion, the vision, right? Watch the first episode of Imagineering on Disney+ and you’ll understand why Disney has become a magic machine. It is the culture of Disney. The vision of what Walt Disney wanted for the people who would visit.

Well, at Young Living we have our very own Walt Disney but he went by D. Gary Young.

The pioneer of the industry. The man who tasted the roots of the plants, who developed the largest essential oil library on the planet, who figured out when the very best time to harvest every plant was. Who decided that it isn’t when we want to water the plants that we water them, it’s when they need it, that’s when.

It was putting systems in place to audit every batch of oil. Get the best state of the art testing equipment that no other essential oil company has to ensure we’re always getting the best quality and only the best. Purchasing our own land so we can have our farms, our distilleries.

He developed these oils, crafted the blends, put together these supplements for all of us. He traveled to every corner of this planet to find the best plants that would keep us healthy. He chose to hire only the most qualified people with the best attitudes.

The 5×5 pledges and the details of how we’re helping to save our planet, lowering our carbon footprint. Helping more families understand that we won’t have to run to conventional medicine every time and deal with side effects. That we have a choice of natural remedies that work synergistically with our bodies. That we’re helping underserved communities around the planet and employing people, giving them education, and hope for a better future.

When I think about Disney and how it makes me feel, it feels much like Young Living does… safe, that I can depend on it, that I don’t fully understand all the pieces that have to come together but somehow it all creates magic.

The magical gift of wellness that no other essential oil company can even come close to providing.

D. Gary Young was the pioneer. He was the visionary. And like Disney, there isn’t anyone on the planet that comes close to what Young Living is.

The world leader in essential oils.

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