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Yoga Mat Spray

Super easy yoga mat cleaner

Cost: $4.76 for an all natural cleaner with zero toxins

Time to make: 5 minutes

I’ve been doing yoga for several years and it never really crossed my mind to clean my mat. I figured, if I didn’t sweat up a storm after a practice, why would I have to?

That is until I started doing hot yoga for the first time last year. The amount of sweating that took place was shocking. Yes, I am an obsessive clean-freak so I couldn’t stop thinking about all those germs and bacteria dripping (or rather flowing like a river) onto my mat as I moved into downward dog in a 99 degree celsius room. YUCK!

Then one day, I heard two girls discussing how she got an infection on both sides of her cheeks and was told by her doctor that she may have caught it from the communal mats she was using at the yoga centre.

I was horrified.

It launched me into wild research to finding ways to clean my mat regularly! Yeah to the discovery of this recipe (thanks Kevin!)

Did you know that bacteria can survive for several hours to many days on surfaces, while viruses can actually linger for weeks? Ewwwwww! Warm, humid conditions such as those found in hot yoga, vinyasa, or ashtanga sessions are the perfect breeding ground for these nasty bugs. And, just think, people are walking around barefeet throughout the studio. Time to protect our feet at the same time…  Thieves blend under my feet!

What to use:

3 tbsp witch hazel or vodka

15 drops Tea Tree oil

10 drops of Peppermint, Lavender or Thyme

4 oz spray bottle (dark glass preferred)

Order your essential oils here.

How to make it:

Mix all ingredients in a 4oz spray bottle, then fill the rest with water. Before and after each use (especially if it isn’t your own mat), spray your mat on one side and wait for a few minutes. Then, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Do the same on the other side.


by Susan Hum

ps. If you’re curious about the health risks…

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