Must-Have Oil for Their Bedtime Routine - The Oily Story
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Peace & Calming™ blend

Must-Have Oil for Their Bedtime Routine


If your bedtime routine could use a tune-up, you’ll probably definitely want to read this.

Our daughter woke up at least four times a night for the first three years of her life. This vibrant girl had two speeds – fast or faster. Not going to lie, her energy felt impossible to keep up with. Layer on two more children and by the time seven o’clock came around we done.

You know how it goes, bedtime routine doesn’t roll out exactly as you want it to. Someone’s not brushing their teeth, someone else is still playing even though you’ve asked them six times to stoooooop, you’re wiping up the water from the bathtub that exploded. Sitting in the bathroom slumped over you whisper “… just. go. to. sleeeeeeep.” Then you muster up the energy to walk down the hall, prepping your best Mary Poppins impersonation to try to get your little angels in their beds without completely losing it.

If that ever happened to you, you will revolutionize your bedtime routine with Peace & Calming. This is what we did to turn our bedtime routine from chaos to calm.

  1. Right after supper we put a drop of Peace & Calming in the diffuser. The kids each wind down with an activity. Our kids usually choose Lego or colouring.
  2. About 30 minutes later we head upstairs and they each choose a book to read. While they’re doing that, I’ll gather the pyjamas.
  3. After getting in their pjs and brushing their teeth they hop into bed and ask for their oils. It smells so good and I wear it as perfume sometimes too.
  4. We have a small bottle where we swipe the back of their necks and the bottoms of their feet with a light layer or Peace & Calming mixed with coconut oil.
  5. We read them books, snuggle, and kiss them goodnight.

And that’s it. We had practiced this routine for months – seemed like years – but the magic happened when we added Peace & Calming. It chills them right out. Relaxes them so they can wind down from their day. We love it too… it’s one of our bedtime favourites.

Best news is, it works.

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