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5-minute baby wipes

Cost: $0.03 per wipe (same as the name brand!)

Time to make: 5 minutes

I did all the math (it’s at the bottom of the page) and the cost to make these wipes vs. the cost to buy the name brand wipes is exactly the same. $0.03 per wipe.

I was shocked.

I thought for sure going all natural would mean higher prices but no. About 80-90% of the time, going natural costs the same as using toxins or it saves you money.

So if that’s true, then why on earth would you spend the 5 minutes to make these wipes yourself? I beg you to go ahead and Google “dangers of” followed by each of the ingredients from your baby wipe package.

I don’t mean to install fear in you but some of the ingredients are known carcinogens, cause skin and eye irritations and don’t belong anywhere near baby.

First things first. Tear off the sheets of paper towel from the roll – I used sturdy paper towel because well, poo.

Cut the paper towel in two.

Fold each sheet in half. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take forever. You’ll get into a groove and you’ll be able to fold an entire roll of paper towel in minutes.

Stack the folded paper towel sheets into an airtight container.

In a 5 – 6 cup container, you should be able to fit about 80 sheets

When I have extra time I do the entire roll all at once and store the folded sheets in a resealable bag.

This exercise alone has saved me so many times when I’m in a shituation and have run out of wipes.

For a 5 – 6 cup container, you can use:

1.5 cups of water

1 tbsp fractionated (liquid) coconut oil – can be substituted for another liquid oil like grapeseed, or jojoba

1 tbsp Castile soap (liquid)

3 drops Lavenderorder the Lavender oil or your Premium Starter Kit here.

Be sure to add the soap to the water, not the other way around otherwise it’ll be sudsy and you’ll mess up the process

Gently stir the mixture and pour it over your stack of wipes.

Let sit for about an hour. They’ll all be perfect by then.

Essential Oils that can be used in this recipe as well are:

Geranium, Rose, Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense

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