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Beauty & Personal Care

Close your eyes (after you read this) and picture yourself standing in a stream of water, surrounded by the natural scents of delicate flowers, the fresh air… wouldn’t it be lovely to shower in that place?


Instead, most of us stand in small showers, use shampoos, soaps, conditioners, filled with synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Did you know that the average woman has put over 300 chemicals on her body before breakfast? These chemicals disrupt your hormones, cause skin conditions, are toxic to your organs. It’s not easy to hear this, we know. We didn’t start off natural either. But you can’t unknow what you know.


We’ve got lots of tips to help you ditch those products and either make them yourself super quick at home, or learn about some of our absolute favorite Young Living products.


Make sure you read them here…

Natural beauty starts from within. Proper hydration, good nutrition, and then put the icing on it with some Savvy Minerals makeup.


You won’t have to compromise your health to look beautiful. Savvy Minerals is made without ingredients like talc, bismuth, parabens, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, synthetic fragrances, or fillers.


Inside you have Young Living essential oils, colour-rich minerals, aspen bark extract, mica, vegan friendly ingredients, are cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and are verified by Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee.


We’re going to be posting lots of Savvy tips very soon. You’ll be able to see how easy it is to apply and fall in love with Savvy.

Oh baby! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of baby, skin to skin. We lay awake in bed at night questioning every single decision we make. The mommy-guilt struggle is real! Don’t you want to not to have to worry about what is in the lotions, diaper creams, and baby wash you put on your little one?!


The Seedlings Collection is soft, snuggly and natural for your baby’s tender skin and body! Their little systems aren’t mature enough to process what we can, so we want the most natural ingredients on them – especially now. And, these smell so good too! Double win, you can use the wipes as fabric softener and we love the baby lotion for our hands too!


We’ve got lots of Seedlings tips coming soon – but if you can’t wait, send us a note to and we’ll connect with you!