Connecting with people using your story - The Oily Story
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What is your backstory and how it can transform your business?

Check out this video before answering these questions.

Here are the questions you can use if you want to write out your backstory.

Coach Ryan’s questions give structure, and Coach Elsa’s are the ones I furiously jotted down during on of our sessions. Coach Elsa’s work as prompts too which can be helpful.

Coach Ryan’s questions…

What is your Backstory that gives you a vested interest in your Journey?

Desire: What did you want to accomplish?

External: What external struggle were you dealing with?

Internal: What internal struggle were you dealing with?

Wall: What wall or problem did you hit in your current (previous) opportunity or life that prompted you start this journey?

Epiphany: What was the epiphany you experienced to start the opportunity you discovered?

Plan: What plan did you create to achieve your desire?

Conflict: What conflict have you experienced along the way?

Achievement: What was the end result you achieved?

What transformation did you experience?

Coach Elsa’s questions…

What part of my story do I want to share?

Who was I in my 20’s?

Who was I when I was 17 – 18? In my teens?

What was keeping me up at night in my 20’s?

What were my worries when I was pregnant?

When did I ever feel like I couldn’t go on?

What are some of the challenges I face every day?

What are the challenges I face with my family?

How were my pregnancies?

At night, what keeps me up? Like, how am I going to do this?

Who was I before YL?

Was I worried about retirement? Making ends meet?

Did I worry about toxins?

How can I keep up being focused?

How can I be focused when dealing with my family?

How am I going to find the energy to keep going?

What did YL answer that I was looking for?

Why do I keep doing what I do? What keeps working for me?

What has YL done for me?