At Home - The Oily Story
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At Home

We all want health for our families and sometimes trying to figure out what the best products are to use in our home. The big label across the front tells us it’s “Safe for Sensitive Skin” or that it’s “Approved” by some association. Truth is, if we take a harder look at the labels we’ll see what’s really inside that cool packaging.


This is why we love the Thieves Household Cleaners¬†from Young Living. The all natural surfactants and the powerful essential oils inside make it our go-to cleaning product safe for our entire family, even our pets. As added bonuses, we don’t worry when the kids want to help us clean and we save money!


Take a look at all the ways we use our Thieves!

Creating meals for our family is how we express love sometimes isn’t it? We try to choose the best ingredients we can and put them together in delicious recipes spiced just the way we like it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t have to buy fresh basil every time we wanted to make something with it?


Young Living’s + line of essential oils is perfect for those recipes you want the fresh aromatic flavors in without ever having to sacrifice quality. We add these to our water for that lemon-y pick me up throughout the day, and the oregano in our roasted potatoes.


And if you haven’t tried Einkorn grain yet, you’re going to looooove our upcoming recipes!


Click here for some of our favorite yummy goodness!