About me - The Oily Story
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Daring and ready to take on anything (except skydiving and changing a diaper with one hand) Eileen is a wellness advocate, mom of three beautiful and very busy children, and is madly in love with her best friend.


In 2016 after finding Young Living Essential Oils her husband had to take a wee bit of a back seat to her new love. With the passion to make everyone oily she has retired her coaching business to inspire other moms to make the jump into health and wellness for their families.


Living a day at a time, she lives where her feet are with a quiet mind and happy heart.


As a mom to preemie twins and a kindergarten teacher, Katerine wanted to be as equipped as possible to help her family stay healthy. Power, is exactly what these oils gave her.


Since 2016, she has been swapping out everyday cleaning products, supplements, and beauty care for Young Living’s natural and non-toxic products. Today, Katerine wishes she knew about essential oils sooner which is why she has made it her mission to share her story with every family about the wellness these oils have brought to her and her loved ones.


“After all”, she says, “aren’t we worth it?”

Veronica Abarca


A caring, loving, kind and giving single mom of 4 amazing children, two of which are autistic twins, she strives to find the best support she can for herself and her family.


In 2000 she was introduced to the more naturopathic way of medical care through her chiropractor but was not fully educated in how much this could help her and her children with their everyday lives. Until one day in 2013 her chiropractor suggested she use Young Living essential oils along with regular chiropractic care for her children and herself to assist them with overcoming the daily stresses of school and work schedules and doctor’s appointments. Within a month’s time she noticed a change in her children school grades, her twins felt happier, and everyone was getting a better nights sleep! She continues to change out cleaning products, supplements and beauty products for Young Living’s natural, non- toxic products.


As a compassionate spirit who wants to help the world, she’s made it her mission to share this amazing experience in how Young Living Essential Oils has changed her and her children’s life for the better.