About The Oily Story - The Oily Story
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Hi you! I’m Eileen and I’m super excited you got here. The Oily Story was a vision of mine ever since I got into Young Living.


When my daughter was almost three she never slept through the night. Ever. Then, I met a few people who told me about these oils and the things they told me were sort of unbelievable. Until I took their advice on how to get my daughter to sleep all night long. Back in 2016 I jumped in with both feet because I heard the stories, I read them, I saw the before and afters, and everything made me want to share what I had found.


From that moment, I was hooked.


It’s only when you see that a company that really does everything they say they do, and it’s only when you come to depend on them that you really learn to trust.


When I was growing up, nothing was natural. Unless it smelled like bleach, it wasn’t clean and unless it had a prescription on it it was garbage. Well, look at me now Mom! If she was alive she’d think I had lost my mind. Quite the opposite actually. What I know now is what’s led me to a full, rich, abundant and healthy life… and I wouldn’t change a thing.


So, how did I start The Oily Story? With a vision of having as many people as possible on this journey with me, leaving no one behind. Changing legacies of wellness with thousands of families.


Just a few more to go… because I said I would.


Jump in, let’s go change some lives.

Eileen xo